Podcaster Pro™ Specs

Podcaster Pro™ Rendering

Podcaster Pro™ showing the screen, 3 soft buttons, and 2 knobs. This image only shows 1 out of 2 headphone jacks.

Here is a rendering showing the ports on the back of the Podcaster Pro™. See the specs of the device for references of what can be plugged in.

Here is a composite image showing the internal circuit as well as outside and inside of the device.

Device Specs:

  • 6 Input channels total
  • 2x XLR Mic, 1x skype (voip), 1x computer/soundboard
  • 4 Output channels, 1x stereo Mix Minus for Skype via USB, 1x stereo Main via USB, 1x stereo analog out
  • 2x headphones with independent volume controls
  • 5x independent noise gates
  • 2x A class preamps
  • 4x independent EQs
  • 2x 48v Phantom power switches
  • 2x cough switches