About Us

Above photo of product team in the lab.

Technology Charlie Thompson has over 30 years of experience in the semiconductor industry including Motorola, Crystal Semiconductor, Maxim Integrated Products, SiliconLabs, and Intersil.
During his career, he led teams developing products for high volume manufacturing in various applications including high-resolution analog to digital converters, audio A/D converters, telecom applications, digital signal processors, video processors, as well as RF CMOS-based consumer applications such as Sirius-XM Satellite Radio. With 16 U.S. Patents granted and 5 applications pending, needless to say, Charlie knows chips!

Vision Adam Curry is no stranger to farsighted ventures. He founded On Ramp Inc, which completed their IPO in 1996 under the name Think New Ideas Inc (nasdaq symbol THNK), and was successfully acquired in 2000 with annual revenues in excess of $400 million.
After returning to the Netherlands in 2000, Adam marked on a lifelong passion for “broadcasting” via the internet. Together with Dave Winer, Adam’s broadcasting concept came to life in “Podcasting’, and he is often referred to as “The Podfather” for his invention. Adam had the distinction of starting the first podcast of all time and continues that tradition with his No Agenda podcast. If you are too young to remember, Adam was also one of the early hosts at MTV. With a life behind the microphone for over 30 years, there is no one on earth who better understands how to make podcasts sound professional.

Operations Gene Naftulyev is an operations efficiency expert, podcaster, and photographer who has over 25 years experience in consulting with major clients like PepsiCo, Target, AmericanExpress, P&G, and others. A lifetime entrepreneur, Gene has both built businesses from the ground up and helped other entrepreneurs avoid mistakes while growing their companies in a lean and efficient manner.

Small Batch Audio, LLC is an Austin, TX based startup dedicated to revolutionizing the sound quality of all voice recordings.
Founded by Adam Curry, Gene Naftulyev, and Charlie Thompson with a unified goal of creating a device that will enable podcasters to sound as good as radio professionals.