Sneak Peek of Podcaster Pro™

It’s been a productive week here at Small Batch Audio,
After 16 months of intensive development, we are just a few weeks away from our crowdfunding campaign for the Podcaster Pro™I got pretty excited when I saw Charlie’s message come through on slack
This means that we’re getting very close to putting our first units together to put them through the lab and bench tests. A lot of precision work has gone into this stage, so that the circuit boards align perfectly with the Podcaster Pro™ case.
I was able to snag a partial wireframe/case rendering from the design studio so you can see how compact it is! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to get my hands on one.
Remember, we need as many podcasters as possible to participate in the crowdfunding campaign, so tell your friends and colleagues to sign up for the latest updates at

Look for another update soon!

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