Ten years in the making, almost in your hands…

It has been quite the ride bringing my vision of affordable, portable professional podcasting equipment to market. And I’m happy to inform you that we’re almost there!

In 2012 I spoke in Chicago about the combined power of networked consumers using technology to become producers of products and services they want. In less than 2 months that concept will come to fruition when we launch our Kickstarter for the PodcasterPro™

Many of you already know exactly why PodcasterPro™ is needed with today’s exploding offering of podcasts…. a lot of them just have a crappy sound.

I’ve always believed that people speaking in their own natural voice to a radio audience will appeal to the masses. But most listeners can’t get past the poor, often amateurish sound of any chosen podcast. You may not be the next announcer at Madison Square Garden, but you shouldn’t have to sound like a corporate media punch line. Even Family Guy propagates the ‘low quality’ and thus expectations of podcasts.

For you pros who are tired of lugging pro musician equipment around, or worse, resorting to post-production to ‘fix it in the mix’, PodcasterPro™ will blow your socks off.

The entire unit is driven by a Digital Signal Processing microchip, specifically chosen to deliver Zero Latency sound processing.

This allows you to do what you never could with even the most powerful PC: adjust and monitor your ‘sound’ with all processing in place while recording (or live streaming) your show.

Goodbye Post-Production! Hello Pro Sound!

Here’s a list of the powerful features we developed for you:

  • 2 Mic/Line channels. Each has a custom pre-amp with phantom power
  • Full processing chains for each Mic/Line input with individual Noise Gate, Compressor/Limiter and 5 band EQ
  • A single USB2.0 connector puts two Digital Audio Devices on your computer
  • The first sound device is used to get sound in and out of your PC/Mac/Linux computer or laptop.
  • Use the sound out with your favorite audio software. From a simple music player like iTunes, to a full blown soundboard, you use what feels comfortable. The PodcasterPro™ Also has a full processing chain for your PC audio with a Compressor/Limiter and 5 band EQ
  • The sound coming in to your PC is the final mixed sound from your PodcasterPro™ so you can record/stream your final output on your PC. This signal also has independent processing with a Compressor/Limiter and 5 Band EQ
  • The second sound device is for Skype, or any other communications program you like to use such as FaceTime, Mumble or any VOIP application. It is already pre-configured as a ‘mix-1’ in PodcasterPro™, and has its own noise gate, Compressor/Limiter and 5 band EQ to make your remote co-host or guest sound optimal. Hands down, the PodcasterPro™ makes Skype sound better than any phone system and towers above the quality heard on mainstream media. We paid a lot of attention to the Skype sound processing.
  • Since PodcasterPro™ is built by podcasters (gasp!) we’ve put in features that we’ve always dreamed of, like an analog output for recording your master signal to an external device.
  • I despise headphone splitters, so we put in two headphone jacks, one on each side of the case for easy access by the host and a guest. Each has volume control that can be assigned to one of only two control knobs on the case, which are nice and big and allow for your guest to adjust their own volume as required. Any of the three ‘soft buttons’ on the case can be assigned as a  cough button.
  • Our CTO Charlie Thompson will provide detailed technical specs in my next update for those interested in the dB’s and mAmp’s 🙂

What I’m most excited about is that every PodcasterPro™ comes with my personal settings pre-installed. You can use these as a starting point to adjust to your own environment. You can save settings in multiple memory slots for easy recall.

As part of the customizable sound, we developed RoomTune™, which optimizes your sound in your environment. It can make any room sound like a professional studio with our virtually transparent  noise gate.

I’ve tested the technology for over a year, have worked on all the settings and sound, but have yet to hold the actual case in my hands. That will change any day now as we are in the final stages of tooling for our case and evaluating our first prototype circuit boards. I’m excited just writing this!

Gene, Charlie and I have put in all the work in order to bring this powerful device to your podcast, but we need your help.

In order to go into actual production, we need to complete our Kickstarter successfully. And for that, I need your help. We need to expose as many people as possible to the Kickstarter, if we hit our numbers then we go into immediate production and rapid delivery.

Again, we already did all the work, the R&D, the tooling etc.

The Kickstarter is needed to get the best device at the best price with all the features we podcasters need. Not to be bogged down by investors or venture capitalists who have a different agenda. Lets make ALL podcasts sound great.

Please let your fellow podcasters and friends know about the PodcasterPro™, and definitely have them sign up for the newsletter. I’ll be giving my personal prototype to one of our subscribers.

I’ll be posting another update soon, until then, here’s a sneak peek of a video we’re working on for the Kickstarter. Enjoy!



Co-Founder Small Batch Audio



6 Replies to “Ten years in the making, almost in your hands…”

  1. Damn Adam, you sound really shitty over a lavalier microphone 🙂

    Knowing how you sound on the best podcast in the universe, this is quite an endorsement for the Podcaster Pro.

  2. The No Agenda Show is the all you ned to hear to know what O’m talking about. Bu thanks for being so kind about the work we’re doing..

  3. Oh thank you podfather. We have been wating for a long time.

    No more excuses for bad audio in Podcasting, now everyone can sound like a pro.

  4. The funny thing is: Informed podcasters are already past these problems for way less money. You only need to know where to look for those solutions. Hint: It’s a country – kind of.

    On a side note: It’s 2017. Please think about those USB connectors again.

    1. Not so sure you can get that same amount of functionality for less money.
      We chose USB2.0 to be compatible with as many people’s PC’s as possible.
      But thank you for the “encouragement”.

    2. I can both agree as well as disagree with your comment. At this time, I have analyzed over 4,000 Podcasts. Even the well-experienced Podcasters either don’t care or simply do not know how to get their audio within these specs.

      Only nine have met the AES Recommended Standards for streaming audio. The ones that use VOIP systems with their co-host or interviewees, just make my skin crawl due to the quality of the audio.

      I can agree with you as far as the pricing goes. A good quality mic combined with a digital recorder and Reaper DAW, can be done for under $300.00 and make you sound like you are sitting in a $300,000 studio.

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