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As I write this at the end of March, we are approximately T minus 2 months until our Kickstarter of the Podcast erPro™ from our new partnership Small Batch Audio™ LLC.

Most exciting to me is that the Kickstarter will begin with everything in place. We’ve done the R&D, the sourcing of parts, milling of a beautifully designed case and of course manufacturing. From start to finish all Made in the USA and most of it in Austin Texas.

Although Gene, Charlie and I have been working on Podcaster Pro™ for over a year, the journey started over 10 years ago, not long after Dave Winer and I brought Podcasting into existence. I loved that radio towers and transmitters were reduced to an app that works on any device and wanted to find similar, affordable and portable solution for the creation of Podcasts.

I’ve been through many iterations of an ultimate podcast device, but until now, technology simply wasn’t powerful enough to recreate a broadcast studio with software or on a chip.

Manufacturers of audio gear for musicians offer all the individual bits and pieces needed to assemble a good sounding studio, but none of it is engineered specifically for broadcast. The result is always a myriad of boxes and cables that are cumbersome to transport, confusing to set up and expensive.

The cost of equipment and the inability to use a laptop to record in real-time forced podcasters into the time consuming world of post production. Adding compression, noise gate and equalization after the show is recorded is second choice for professional broadcasters. The preferred method is to record in real time so you hear your sound exactly as the listener does, allowing for small level and sometimes EQ corrections while recording or streaming live.

Just like Podcasting itself, my vision was born out of satisfying a need I had. Podcasting allowed me to broadcasting on the internet.

PodcasterPro® allows me to take my sound and my show with me, giving me the freedom and portability to broadcast wherever I am. It will make any room sound like a professional studio with a touch of the “Room Calibration™” button.

WIRED march 2005

I left corporate life in 2010, vowing to never start a new company again. That’s why the three of us embarked on this partnership, with each other and the podcast community.

We put in our time and resources. We have done all the work needed to start production. Now it’s up to all of us.

We chose to fund our endeavor through Kickstarter so that we can build to the demand and deliver at the absolute best price of $495.

Many of you have already responded to my tweets asking me to take your money. While I appreciate the gesture, what we need is for as many podcasters as possible to know about the project, so we can hit our goal and pull the trigger on production. So please help us promote it by sending people to smallbatch.audio.

In my next update, I’ll go into detail about the processing blocks and many cool features of the PodcasterPro®

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