The Next Revolution

The Indiegogo is live! Go to to see the campaign.

The man who brought you the first podcast revolution is about to bring the second.

Adam Curry made it possible for anyone to be a broadcaster. Now he’s making it possible for anyone to sound like one!

Podcaster Pro™ Rendering

The Small Batch Audio Podcaster Pro™ will allow you to sound like the professional that you are – without working for a radio studio!

This revolutionary USB audio processor, no bigger than a book, is the first device specifically made to optimize human voice recording for podcasting.

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Adam’s IndieGoGo Blog

PodcasterPro™ is now Live!

Our Crowdfunding Campaign is Live Here we go! 45 days to get this into as many podcaster’s hands as possible. Click here to go to our Indiegogo Campaign Page Go Podcasting!!

Assembly has started!

Boards & Components Are In! When we kick off our crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo next week (May 26!) it will be different from many campaigns you may have participated in. Over the past year our team at Small Batch Audio did all the work needed to ‘pull the trigger’ on the first full order of …

Podcaster Pro™ 3D walkthrough

Things are heating up in Austin at the Small Batch shack. We have the metal and full 3D rendering of the device from the design studio. So excited, I needed to do a screencast for y’all 🙂  

Q/A Videos

Watch more videos of Adam explaining what the Podcaster Pro™ is and what it does!
Yes he calls it the Podcast Studio!
*Name subject to change till the last minute!

Podcaster Pro™ Specs

Podcaster Pro™ Rendering

Podcaster Pro™ showing the screen, 3 soft buttons, and 2 knobs. This image only shows 1 out of 2 headphone jacks.

Here is a rendering showing the ports on the back of the Podcaster Pro™. See the specs of the device for references of what can be plugged in.

Here is a composite image showing the internal circuit as well as outside and inside of the device.

Device Specs:

  • 6 Input channels total
  • 2x XLR Mic, 1x skype (voip), 1x computer/soundboard
  • 4 Output channels, 1x stereo Mix Minus for Skype via USB, 1x stereo Main via USB, 1x stereo analog out
  • 2x headphones with independent volume controls
  • 5x independent noise gates
  • 2x A class preamps
  • 4x independent EQs
  • 2x 48v Phantom power switches
  • 2x cough switches
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    Adam's Indiegogo Updates
    Get the latest info about the upcoming Kickstarter
    We respect your privacy.

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